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Intellibox Ad

A 30 second concept for an advert, about a fictional product called ‘Intellibox’. Created for my AUT bachelor’s degree. I directed, shot and edited this project.

Stay Moving

A short documentary about staying fit during self-isolation, made for my AUT bachelor’s degree. An interview with a university student and a fitness enthusiast, discussing ways in which one can stay active during a time where gyms were closed and New Zealand was in lockdown. The university assignment required us to make a one minute …

Little Dreamers

A school dropout with insomnia, who lives in his car and delivers pizza, get’s wrongly accused of breaking into a hospital. An ambitious short-film which I am writing, directing and editing. It is currently still in production and will be around 20 minutes long when completed.  Starring Alfred Sanft as Aaron, the lead character. Release …


A video montage encapsulating the desire to explore. Following four friends as they make their way to the top of the north island, in the winter of 2018. We spent three days driving, camping, exploring and visiting Cape Reinga.

It’s Al’guds Bro

As part of a university project, we created a fictional PSA video. Our video ‘It’s Al’guds Bro’ was meant to spread awareness on the dangers of teenage bing drinking and teenage drug use.